Granite is a multi-colored igneous rock that forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface. This allows for large crystals of minerals to develop which give granite its color.

Due to its incredible strength, granite is used for exterior (facade cladding, driveways, swimming pools) as well as interior (bathrooms, kitchen countertops, living rooms) applications. The colors, textures and schemes are perfect for all kinds of decorative uses creating stylish designs. Elegant and sophisticated, granite brings lightness and brilliance to any project.


Santa Cecília Light granite is our longest running quarry with more than 30 years of production. It has a beautiful beige background with burgundy, gold and dark gray veins that match perfectly with a wide range of accent colors. Its timeless elegance, its outstanding hardness and resistance to abrasion make this a perfect material for indoor and outdoor use.


Golden King granite is a beige-colored natural stone with a speckled pattern throughout the slab. In addition to its beautiful appearance, Golden King granite is also a very durable and affordable material. Considering the beauty and durability of this stone, among the many other benefits that it will offer, Golden King granite is surely one of the best options you will find on the market.


Our newest granite quarry, Preto São Geraldo is an sophisticated stone perfectly meets the market’s high demand for a pure black granite. Darkers materials such as this one offer superior density which make it a perfect fit for any high traffic areas. Its deep dark black color and classic elegance makes it ideal for any traditional or contemporary design.