When it comes to applied natural stones, quartzite is often referred to as the best of both worlds. Looking for the exotic coloring or elegante movement of a marble, but with the strength of a granite? Quartzites are one of the most physically durable and chemically resistant rocks found at Earth’s surface. Like other natural stones, quartzite is a mined stone and is considered high-end and luxurious.

Quartzite comes about when sandstone is altered by the heat, pressure, and chemical activity of metamorphism. On the Mohs scale of harness (1-10), quartzites register at 7 with granite trailing at 6-6.5 and marble at 3-5. Considering that you will get to admire the stone’s beauty for many years to come, choosing this natural stone may end up being the best decision you ever make for your home.

Aquarela Quartzite is an exotic quartzite with a high level of variation in its purple ‘running water’ shaped veins. It contains tones of deep to light purples, taupe, blues, occasionally streaks of orange and some crystal veins, which can be backlit. It is often used as a luxurious center piece in high end establishments. 

It has also been called; Aquarella, Aquarello, Acquarella, and Aqua Royal.


Aurora Blue quartzite is a one of a kind natural stone with lush diagonal veins of blue, charcoal and often includes different colors of gold. Beyond its attractive looks and versatility, Aurora Blue quartzite is also very durable. If you are looking for a beautiful and long-lasting natural stone, Aurora Blue quartzite is a magnificent choice.


No matter where you put it


Bellagio White embodies sophistication and class, hence its


namesake the Lake Como town of Bellagio in Italy, which is famed for its elegance. With the appearance of a classic Italian marble, where it differs greatly is its profound strength and durability of this quartzite.


Calacata Macaubas is a quartzite with a soft white background which is complemented with smoky gray veins to create a marble like movement. It greatly resembles the Italian Calacatta marbles in appearance, but without any of the weaknesses. Being a quartzite, Calacata Macaubas is extremely dense, making it less likely to chip, crack, or even stain as easily (remembering that marble is usually used to make statues due to its malleability).


Casablanca is a kind of stark white quartzite quarried in Brazil. Its curved grey veins stretch across its surface like beams of light. High durability and heavy-duty properties make it apt for using it for both interior and exterior applications. Designers prefer using this quartzite to transform simple looking space into a charming and classy space. A web of curvey charcoal veins race across a stark white canvas with hints of taupe interlaced. Casablanca quartzite has taken the market by storm as one of the best stones to offer incredible durability and the perfect color pallet for anything from a modern new build to a tradicional remodel. If you are looking to bring in light, and maintain a natural flow, Casablanca quartzite is the stone for you.

Where the natural flow of our Macaubas Fantasy runs directly into our Aquarela Quartzite, you can find one of our rarest stones. Duetto brings you the best of both worlds with it’s striking display of color and pattern met with its unmatched strength and durability. If you are looking to turn heads, look no further than Duetto.

Macaubas Giotto is a quartzite which is extracted from the same quarry as White Macaubas, but with a very unique “spiderweb” pattern. These blocks are very rare and hidden throughout the depths of the quarry. A crowd favorite, and a designer’s dream, this stone is sure to grab your attention, without competing for color. This natural stone is uniquely suited to work well in just about any project, blending well with both classic and modern elements.


One of our first quartzite quarries, Gold Macaubas sets the standard for luxurious quartzites. This rare coloring has found its place amongst high end projects all around the world. Being one of the only golden colored quartzites, it offers the much needed strength that marble lacks for high traffic areas. Once you set your sights upon this one of a kind natural stone, few other stones will be able to compete.


With colors ranging from light and dark blues, greys, golds, and even translucent crystals, Golden Fantasy gives you a lot to work with. This super exotic quartzite isn’t for the faint of heart, and demands to be seen. If you are looking for attention and status with the strength and durability to match, Golden Fantasy is hard to beat.


Our best selling quartzite this year, Macaubas Fantasy has earned the hearts of those trying to differentiate from the white on white design obsession. Fantasy’s soft gray background flowing with streaks of blue offers an extraordinary design element  to any project. It is available with or without translucent crystals which can be backlit to show off even more of its versatility. Being a quartzite, this natural stone offers truly one of a kind looks with superior strength and durability.


Like the ocean waves, our Sea Pearl quartzite is a smooth, serene blend of grays ranging from frost to charcoal. Veins and cascades of subtle contrast create this uniquely refined pattern. Known for its versatility, the rare natural stone color lends itself to traditional and contemporary homes. The neutral colors harmonize with a multitude of designs and ornaments.


One of the most renowned quartzites from Brazil, White Macaubas has been an industry favorite for the better part of the last decade. A cool white background broken up by horizontal charcoal colored veins that create the ideal mix of modern and contemporary. Thanks to the structural strength of quartzites, you can apply this stone anywhere without having to worry about it.


White Pearl is a quartzite that resembles marble in appearance but is much harder and more durable. A beautiful neutral with warm gray and taupe striations, this quartzite’s organic horizontal veining flows delicately across the canvas creating a pristine and uniform natural design. Pristine and pure, White Pearl is a designer’s choice for a subtle yet timeless aesthetic.